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The Role of Sarah Good

Sarah Good was born in 1653 and was the daughter to an innkeeper. She was also one of the many women convicted of witchcraft in The Crucible. When she was convicted, she was 39 years old. The girls who were said to have been cursed often convicted the poorest people of Salem of witchcraft and made up stories so that people would believe them. Good was a beggar married to William Good and had nine children and was also pregnant with another. She was a prime target for the girls and unfortunately was hung for witchcraft. Earlier in her life, she was married prior to her marriage to William Good to a poor indentured servant named Daniel Poole who later died in debt in the year of 1686. Also, when her parents died she inherited her families land. However, her father's estate was tied up in litigation that left Good with hardly any money to take care of herself with. She ended up squandering her money, and eventually had to sell her land. This left her and her husband William with a lot of debt and that was one of the reasons why she was a beggar and outcast
Some of the main reasons that Good was convicted of witchcraft is because she used to mumble under her breath a lot and when she did that it was thought that she was cursing people. Also, when she would go door to door begging and someone would not offer to help her or give her money, that would seem to result in the mysterious death of livestock. "Why do you hurt these children?" Good responded, "I do not hurt them. I scorn it." She also stated repeatedly, "I am falsely accused." (The Crucible). During her trial, her family was forced to testify against her. Her husband said