Self Reflection Essay

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Online learning has many different challenges that I am going to face, from work, to family and even day-to-day life. With these challenges I have strengths to be able to over come these challenges. My strengths included the drive for knowledge and to succeed in my evaders to further my collage goals. To ensure my success to complete my goal I set myself up with a support system and scheduled. My support system includes, family, friends, and coworkers. This system is a way to keep me on track and to ensure I don’t give up on my dreams and goals. My schedule system is a simple system of calendars and times to be able to do my schoolwork without any interruptions to my thoughts and concentration.

Student orientation has shown me very important things that I will be using I my education at Ashford. With some of the important things I learned with in this orientation is the Student Readiness Questionnaire. The Student Readiness Questionnaire results provided me an insight in to myself and provided advised for my collage study. The questionnaire shows me an important area that I need to work on with collage writing. This section encourages me to take full advantage of different educational tips to better my collage writing skills. The other thing I found useful is the Ashford Writing Center. The writing center has information that I see myself using within my collage education on a weekly bases. With the resources like Twenty Common Writing Error, Parts of Speech and