Service Learning Project

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Service Learning Project
The service day on April 5th, really gave me a precious opportunity to have access to the life and health of immigrant persons from South America and their priorities in life as well as their consideration about health. This is my first time to help so many immigrant persons from South America check their blood pressure, height and body weight, and give them information about how to have access to free clinical and blood pressure control as well as weight management. I really thank Professor Raja, because it was she who gave us this precious experience to do service for and know this special population in USA.
Even though health status is quite important for plenty of people in USA, it unfortunately became the
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It seems that many of them didn’t purchase health insurance, have regular health assessment and related services due to financial or educational issues. However, patients in the clinical setting have different needs. Because the majority of patients in the clinical setting have health insurance and could afford the costs of healthcare and complicated surgeries, clinical patients are eager to get the information about the latest medical techniques and medicines. However, immigrants on the other hand try to apply home remedies on them first because it is cheap and convenient and then seek medical care in the clinical or hospitals when they get seriously ill due to the financial issues. However, because today we only helped to check blood pressure and BMI for less than 200 adult immigrants from South America, in the future based on the research of Otiniano et al. (2003), population studies would be needed in younger and older Hispanics to confirm these findings and to examine whether they are consistent with those in younger Mexican Americans or other ethnic populations.
These immigrants with high blood pressures and BMI need to be referred to free clinical where they can get the important information related to the potential risks of high blood pressures and BMI as well as the health problems related to high blood pressures and BMI such as heart attack and coronary heart disease. Also, they could get the necessary instruction and suggestion about