The Outsiders Essay

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Gabriel R. Tyson May 17. 2013

Algebra 1 Wendell Phillips Academy High School

My service learning project was interesting , fun , and creative. When we first started off it was kinda hard to decide what the board game was going to be about until we all started to come up with ideas and creative ways to make our board game . Once we decided what we were going to do everything went smooth and we had a lot of fun coloring , drawing , and coming up with problems .I think the 7th graders and students in our grade will enjoy the game and actually learn something from it .

When my teacher first explained the project I was kinda mad because I didn’t want to do no board game . Once I saw everyone else enjoying the project I decided to just give it a try and make the best of it . Once I gave it a try it was kinda still boring but then I started to learn some things from it so I just kept going and I actually learned from something I forgot how to do .Once we completed I saw that it would help someone younger than us and I think it impacted the learning community a lot .

I think that the project changed the way of how I look on helping younger kids that might need help in class with little math thing , I see that now just a little board game can help somebody out in the classroom and also in