Should Sports Be Required In School

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Why Sports should be required in schools

Over the years, there’s been many debates on whether or not students should be required to participant in sports. While about 33% of the people agree with this proposal, the majority strongly disagree.( Should). Many of those who disagree view sports as a total waste of time. However, to athletes, sports are a way of living their lives. It’s a way for them to remember much of their youth. To athletes, sports are much more valuable than just seeing which teams win ( as much as we all hate to lose). In fact, they view sports as transformation from teenagers into young men and women. While some people view sports as a waste of time, Sports do a lot more than just a competition: they teach athletes how to prioritize, it builds characters and mentality, and it looks great in a college application. In response to the question, Sports should be required in schools.
To start things off, sports teach students how to prearrange . In all schools, you must be above a certain grade point average in order to for you to participate in a sport. This not only pushes athletes to do better in school, but it makes them prioritize. Instead of going to a party on sunday night, a student would then go home and study for the test the following day.
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One more moral lesson that athletes learn in sports is teach how to deal with doubters. At some point in our lives there’s gonna be some doubts. Let’s say that you’re not sure if you can make the varsity team for basketball, you can deal with this doubt by coming out and just trying out. Another major reasons is that sports teach understanding with the boss. In the sports world, athletes often have one boss. That’s their coach. They listen to him or her and what they ask of them . This prepares them for their real job and how importance of having communication with their boss one