Should Teenage Curfews Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

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Dear Teacher,
I believe that teenage curfews should be enforced to keep kids out of trouble, to help keep children safe, and to help the law with crime.
Curfews keep teenagers out of trouble. They don’t really have an opportunity to start trouble because they’re at home by dark. Curfews keep kids out of trouble because during the day the kids can be monitored by civilians. At night, most people are in their homes sleeping, therefore the kids can get away with crimes unnoticed. Curfews are a good way to identify runaways. If the kids don’t have an I.D., officers will know they are underage and therefore not allowed to be out.
Minors still have the opportunity to go out with parents or go on an emergency errand. If they want a “family night” or go out to dinner as a family, they have the opportunity. If there is an emergency while the child is home alone, they are permitted to go get help or leave the premises. They won’t get in any trouble when out with a parent or guardian. Curfews therefore keep the kids safe from harm.
Curfews help the law discriminate whether the teenagers are causing trouble and vandalizing or if the adults are causing the trouble. Teenagers aren’t allowed to be out late therefore they will be more afraid to cause trouble due to the public being around. If there is a lot of vandalizing and crime, the law will know that the teenagers are not the ones causing it, therefore they will rule that out of…