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Social Studies Lesson Plan

Social Studies Lesson Plan

Grade: Kindergarten

Day One


K-4.3: Recognize the ways that community have provided goods and services for families in the past and the present.


The students will answer questions about key details of Everybody works by Shelley
The students will use writing and drawing to provide key details of jobs of various community helpers.


Everybody works by Shelley Rother and ken Kreisler paper Markers matching cards with community helpers
Poster boards

Lesson Procedure:
Have students join together on the rug.
Ask them what they want to be when they grow up.
Ask students if they know anybody with a special job.

Lesson presentation:
Teacher will take a picture walk with students
Teacher will slowly flip through the pages book and show the students the pictures of the book. The teacher would not read the words to the students yet. The teacher would ask students if they have any questions about the text. The teacher would write 3-4 questions on the board. The teacher will read the book to aloud to everyone in the class, pausing when necessary.

Practice application:
After reading the book to the whole class, the teacher, using think, pair, share, asked students some question:
What might the woman o for her community?
Would you describe her as a community helper?

The teacher will review again community helper jobs. The class will be broken up into 3-4 students per group. Each group will be responsible to create a poster on specific community jobs and helpers. Students will use writing and drawing to describe details.

Each group will have 20 minutes to share posters with the class. While groups are presenting their posters, the remainder of the class should actively listen to their peer’s presentations.