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In his pregame speech before a big game, against an even bigger opponent the new head coach of the Marshall Football team brings his players out to an emotional grave setting where six unidentified members of the 1970 Marshall team laid after being murdered by a terrible plane crash which killed the entire team. He explains to his player’s the significance of where they were and tells them that its part of their past; he states, “This is where we have been, how we got here, this is who we are today.” The coach asks his team to take in the moment and prepare for the adversity which they would face that evening, playing an opponent that was “bigger, faster, stronger, more experienced, and on paper, just better” than they were. There is pathos, logos, and ethos, displayed throughout the coach’s speech and also in the way the players take it in.
First and foremost, the coach goes on to display logos by telling his team that even though the opposite side knew they were better, they did not know about the heart his team had. Many people counted this team out because a win did not logically make sense; his team was fairly new a win seemed not possible. He establishes a feel to them when he begins to talk about his players’ heart by mentioning the tough times they’ve all gone through to make it to where they were, and the many hardships (the plane crash in particular) they faced in getting there. His ethos or credibility is pretty evident as any head coach would have over his team. Although it is portrayed especially when he comfort his players and establish some integrity to him and his staff; stating that he and all the other coaches have seen the amount of heart this team has and that they had strong belief that they would prevail.
Throughout the entire speech by his tone in words, and the setting in which they are in the coach uses passion or pathos to communicate his message to his players. This excitement towards the game is highlighted when he informs them that by using the passion they have for the sport, to themselves and each other, no matter what the score is at the end of the game, they cannot lose. The coach then goes on to display his pathos mostly in his next few words, when he brings back up the fallen players; the reason they are standing on this gravesite, these players who would have loved to partake in this game, but will be watching from above.
The coach’s goal in his speech was to bring together his team in an emotional setting to get them to realize that they are tough and that they would get over the hard times they were facing. The coach is effective in doing so as he is speaking you see his player’s reactions and how they are touched by his words. When he is done speaking he brings together the team to raise their hands as they preach “WE ARE... MARSHALL”, this shows the unity the team has as they are prepared to play this game.
In conclusion, by gathering his still emotional players to the gravesite of what was a terrible accident, the head coach of the Marshall Football team prepares to take on an opponent which held much respect. The coach addresses his team using logos assuring his players they could overcome the odds, which were against them. He uses his credibility as their coach who was equally affected by this tragedy, to communicate and promise that no matter what the outcome of the game was, they would be alright. His passion when speaking displayed pathos. He was very emotional in the way he brought forth his message, and he brought the players together to a setting where they could nothing but embrace this tragedy and prepare for the game.

In his speech about the inequalities and injustices that we as Americans live with today, lawyer Bryan Stevenson, addresses his audience opening up with a narrative about his childhood and a particular story of something that occurred with his grandmother in which he compared her to a matriarch. The audience becomes immediately engaged to his comedic