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Gerardo Campos English 108 July 2, 2013 Narrative paper A Big Distraction in Our Society
Technology is a big distraction and affects people all over the world. In our technologically advanced society, all individuals depend on smart phones, tablets, computers, televisions, and radios, etc. This dependency has lead to strained social interaction. All this technology has caused distraction in our lives and everything all over the world at any given time. Using technology for everything has distracted our driving, family outings, and social interaction.
With technology, there is a lack of focus on the physical world and more of a focus on the virtual world, the Internet world. The transportation system has one of the biggest distractions to deal with now; the smart phone. The use of the smart phone while driving, whether it be dialing, texting, surfing the Internet or simply just reaching for it, is one of the leading causes of accidents. Is a text really worth our lives or someone else’s? No, should be the answer.
Smart phones have also invaded the work place of every person on this planet. Although useful in the work place, it sometimes can lead to productivity loss and safety concerns (depending on where a person works) in the working environment. Usually people aren’t allowed to be on their phones or even look at them at work or there are consequences like a write up or even someone can even get fired.
Another place of invasion of the smart phone is in schools around the globe. With almost every teenager owning a smart phone and being connected to the world on an unimaginably large scale, teens are less focused during class, because they are too busy using their phones. This may lead to dropping test scores, poorer grades, etc. With the growing crisis of technological distractions in the transportation system, work place, and school system, this is also true for social interaction in this new tech savvy world.
Having increased tech savvy in this new society has its positives and negatives. But the negative affects are prevalent in social events. When people go to say, a party, or simply just out to dinner or the movies with friends or family, they will always have that one person who is on their phone every second. Sometimes, they just are on it doing nothing, just looking at their phone gives them a feeling of fulfillment. But something people can do to prevent friends or family from using their phone at the restaurant is to stack all the phones in the center of the table and whoever grabs their phone first needs to pick up the tab. Another place of technological intrusion is vacation time. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, and a time to get away from everyday stresses in life and enjoy themself and the people they are with. But those lines have officially been blurred, since the introduction of the smart phone, the tablet, and laptop. People are just always checking their phones on updates on what’s happening back home, with their business, friends, family, etc. People need to stop worrying about what is happening back at home, turn off their tech gadgets, and