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Staying in shape isn't so easy. For some people it is natural and others its something they have to work on .Its not only about loosing weight but becoming more healthier. Today’s society 70% of people are over weight because they don't stay in shape and eat healthy. Staying in shape takes time, dedection and motivation. Eating healthy is one way to stay in shape most people like to call it dieting but its also about changing your life style not a diet. Eating healthy means to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and protein. Don’t forget water that’s very important. Its not about cutting out what you eat but eating smaller portion and foods that are better for you in the long run. Keep a diary to track your foods and make necessary changes if needed. Eat six small meals a day this will help from over eating. Most important breakfast helps boost your metabolism. If you don't eat right then exercises. Exercising is the most important thing other then eating right. There are many ways you could do this go to the gym, join a class or just work out by yourself. Doing lots of cardio exercise helps running is one of the best ones it doesn't require no equipment just throw on some shorts a tank top and comfortable running shoes and go out around your neighborhood this helps burns a lot of calories. Swimming is another one for those of us who love to swim and love the water go to your local pool and do some laps all you need is 30 minutes of this if you want to do more go for it. Core exercising is also helpful. This works on your abdominal area and back its an important part to work on when staying in shape and it helps you keep strong it builds up muscle. Ways to work on your abdominal area are by doing push ups and sit ups do as many as you can but keep it at a certain number but don't over due it and keep it constant. You could work on your back by doing pull