Essay on Teachers: Education and Study Skills

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Together, students and teachers use textbooks and circle graphs to think and write similarities and differences between two people, places, or things. Yet, teachers themselves can be compared and contrasted. Teaching high school students is no easy job, having a set teaching technique, personality, and having favoritism in class makes learning different. I have experienced all types of teachers. There are two teachers that I admire, but have two very different teaching styles.
Teachers are different; different approaches to how to use the extra time in class. In Mrs. K’s class, we would pull out the vocabulary sheets and refresh our minds on vocabulary terms. Time was well spent expanding our vocabulary and study skills. Studying during class saves time at night. Yet in Mr. G’s class, extra time was spent talking and mingling with friends about weekend plans or who is going with whom to the next dance. Not improving on any vocabulary or study skills with the extra time and not preparing for the next test.
Tests are given and written different from every teacher. Mrs. K is known for online tests, which I am overly prepared for because I was told far in advance. I also know about every question on the test before taking the test. Although Mrs. K’s tests were easier then other teachers’, I still had to work to get a good grade. Mr. G’s tests on the other hand were always unexpected and containing trick questions. My meaning of trick questions is a question that seems to have an obvious answer and that answer is not correct. Mr. G’s tests were challenging making others and myself study intensely for hours outside of class learning the material that we didn’t feel we understood. An ‘A’ in his grade book is incredibly hard but not impossible. The saying, “teachers don’t pick favorites,” is not true for all my teachers I have had. Spending an equal amount of time with the students is one