Technology Is The Best?

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Technology is the Best! Have you ever walked into a classroom in a public school and see every child with an iPad doing research for their projects? And not wasting their time playing on a playground. I believe that the donation of $50,000 dollars should go towards technology, not towards a new playground.

Many students need to get used to get used to electronics when we are in elementary school. Then we won’t have to take classes then to learn how to use computers when we are in high school and college. It will also waste money and time. Then, we will also have a hard time getting used to the new machinery.

A lot of our computers that we have now are very old and they take up a lot of space and have very slow internet. This problem will end if we get newer mechanization. The newer technology has very fast internet speed and you won’t have to wait around five minutes for the website to come up. The teachers will also benefit because then they can send the lunch count and attendance quicker to the office and they can send it to the district faster.

If we use that money to get technology then the teachers can get interactive boards with voice activation for our classrooms. Getting the boards will be good because then if you have your hands full and you need to put something inside, then you can use there is the voice system. Interactive boards are an excellent choice because then kids sitting in the back of the classroom can see the board. Also, fewer robberies will happen