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Asap Rocky shows diversity to other rappers from swag to mean raps. At 24 this Harlem MC has gone far in a short time. In late 2011 Asap released a Mix tape “Live Love ASAP” then less than 18 months later releases a label “Long Live ASAP”. To make and take time shows his skills and determination. That’s why I think ASAP is one of the best rappers.
Some people think otherwise and say Kendrick Lamar or Rick Ross is the best. Maybe because of the less information they know of this new big time rap artist. He has a very shiny appearance when you compare him to other rappers. Money is draped on him in high designer clothing and a lot of gold everything. No rapper does that no more. He has worked with a lot of artist, some of the few as Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Rihanna, and even Skrillex. The big thing out of the artists was Skrillex and Asap’s is from Harlem and doesn’t limit himself to the New York state of mind. This has him successful he has seen a lot more before many older rappers seen much at all. And being versatile but still not changing and sticking to him. Has earned him a Multimillion dollar record deal. He had performed at the Grammys with Rihanna and has been invited by Rihanna to open her arena tour. He really gets around, can tell Asap will “Long Live ASAP”.
Everyone has their reasons of dislikes but to be honest a lot people like him. But when you really listen to the words he says you realize he’s real, for example “Roaches on the wall, roaches on the dresser