Texas State University 15 Facts

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Texas State University: San Marcos: “15 Facts”

1. Tuition is about $4575.45 for 15 hours a semester 2. From 1913 to 1967, a 50,000 gallon water tower presided over the campus from a perch located behind where the Chemistry Building and Centennial Hall now sit. Beginning in 1936, a star was placed on top of that water tower as a Christmas decoration. When the holidays were over, the star was put away. But in 1942 night watchman Elmer Titsworth started turning the star on to signal a Bobcat athletic victory, and a new tradition was born. 3. The Texas State Bobcat Baseball Stadium has a new look. After putting in a new video scoreboard and bullpens in 2008, the renovations continued into 2009. Now fans can experience a new baseball stadium including enhanced seating options, a brick exterior, ticket office and luxury suites. 4. Our students come from around the globe, and our student body is diverse. Thirty-five percent of Texas State students are ethnic minorities. 5. Texas State's main campus is in San Marcos, a growing community of 50,000 people in the Austin Metropolitan Area. Located in the Texas Hill Country, where backland prairies roll into beautiful hills, Texas State enjoys a setting that is unique among Texas universities. 6. Completed in 1903, the red-roofed, castle-like landmark called Old Main was Texas State's first building. 7. Student to teacher ratio is 19:1. 8. Lyndon Baines Johnson graduated from Texas State in 1930. 9. Top 25 graphic design schools in America. 10. As the university's student population has grown — from 303 in 1903 to 34,225 in 2012 — our San Marcos campus also has expanded. 11. Today it consists of a 457-acre main campus and 5,038 additional acres in recreational, instructional, farm and ranch land. 12.