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February 25, 2013
The Breakfast Club Essay

Who Do You Think You Are?

The labels of The Brain, The Athlete, The Basket Case, The Princess and The Criminal constrict and misrepresent the identities of the teenagers portrayed in the film “The Breakfast Club”. Every member of the infamous Breakfast Club has a distinguished and dynamic personality. Although there are clear contrasts between the behaviors and attitudes of each student in this detention hall, I can confidently associate with all five individuals. As the movie develops from an honest detention hall full of these perceived delinquents into a free environment full of trust and friendship, the members of the Breakfast Club develop as well. This development is the reason why I see myself mirrored in a different student from scene to scene. There are instances in the beginning scenes of the film that I tend to associate myself with Brian The Brain and Bender The Criminal. Brian is a nervous wreck about having detention for the first time in his life. His nervousness and anxiety is unmistakably demonstrated through his body language and his intent to follow every word of the authority, Mr. Vernon. At a particular point he even shushes his fellow peers and asks them nicely to stay seated and write their essay as instructed. I identify with Brian in this instance simply because I behaved in the same manner when I was put into this same situation. I believe Brian and I in nature both respect authority. I also identify myself with Bender, the seemingly opposite of Brian, in the scene where he is attempting to impress the other members by continuing to receive detentions from Mr. Vernon by being insubordinate. This debacle between authority and The Criminal reveals that Bender has a persona about him that is over the top and almost exciting to others. I often find myself sharing this quality with Bender because I have a habit of going over the top and putting my all into something just to impress someone; even if its only for a split second. A “for instance” of this quality is that I will go above and beyond on gifts for people I care about. During the heart of the movie I associate myself with the two ladies of the group, Allison The Basket Case (whom some may also consider over the top) and Claire The Princess. I see myself represented in both of them during the same clip of the movie, the lunch break. Claire represents the spoiled side of me in this scene with her decadent assortment of foreign food. I acknowledge that I am extremely fortunate and that my family unconditionally spoils me on a regular basis just as Claire’s does. I am forever grateful to them for this. I am also grateful that my parents raised me to express myself and be true to yourself,