The Effects Of Racism In The Black And African Americans

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Hypothesis- (Slide 2) * Michael Jackson wrote a song called ‘Black or White’ in 1991, when people slowly started to accept people for what race they were.
Racism in the Early Days- (Slide 3) * The White Americans in the early days never approved of the African Americans. * They were looked down on and not treated equally. * African Americans were slaves to the white people until the early 19th century but people still disproved of them. * African Americans were discriminated from many aspects of life like work, housing and education. * Similar things were going on in Australia with the Aborigines
(Ben Flaherty, Jeff Seidman, Marshall McLelland, Mike Holler , 2011)

Racism in the Early Days cont. - (Slide 4) * White Americans separated other races into structured institutions. * There were residential schools for Native Americans and African Americans. * The White Americans didn’t want to mix their own race with the Native and African Americans. * These people weren’t seen as actual people * People are still not treated equally but many icons throughout history have changed many people’s thoughts about racism [ (Wikipedia, 2012) ]

How did things progress- (Slide 5)

* There was a very influential man Martin Luther King Jr. * Preached for equality between all races * Many followers both black and white people * MLK with put into jail several times but still continued preaching. * He is one of the world’s most influential people and changed many people’s mindsets on their opinion on different race * MLK did not only affect people in American, people from all around the world listened to his words. Such as people from Australia.
(, 2012)

Michael Jackson?- (Slide 6) * Michael Jackson was from African American decent. He is one of the most well known person in the whole world and loved be many. * Sold approximately 750 million records world wide * Michael Jackson wanted to make a difference in the world using his music * One of the most influential songs was ‘Black or White” * In this song Jackson was pleading for racial tolerance

Michael Jackson cont. - (Slide 7)

* Started out in a small band with his brothers (Jackson 5), eventually lead into his solo career. * Michael Jackson broke many racial barriers though his music and songs he produced. * He confronted MTV and other music broadcasters when they weren’t playing music from African American artists. * “We are the World” Michael Jackson co-wrote this song and raised millions of dollars for families on Africa * Michael Jackson used his talent to influence many and brought happiness to many people [ (Robinson, 2009) ]

Black or White- (Slide 8) * “Black or White” was one of Michael Jackson’s most influential songs and gave a strong message. * The common problem between ethnicities is racism. * This song is about his own opinion and how it affected him personally and the world around him. * ‘They printed my message in the Sunday Sun. I had to tell them I ain’t second to none,” Jackson is trying to say he is a human being as well and he should be treated equally and given the same rights as everyone else

Black or White cont. – (Slide 9) * “I told about equality, and it’s true. Either you’re wrong or you’re right.” This means everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinion on what equality is and if someone has a different idea to you that’s their right. * “I’m tired of this devil. I am tired of this stuff, I am tired of this business, so when the going gets rough I ain’t of you brother.” Michael describes racism like the devil and he and sick and tired of it. Jackson states he will not let racism bring him down and he is not scared of anyone anymore. [ (Dossert, 2009) ]

Music Video – (Slide 10) * Part of music video plays [ (VEVO, 2009) ]

Music Video cont. – (Slide 11) *