The Importance Of Communication

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Communication is a way of transferring information from one person or computer to another using various tools that we have available to us, in this modern age of technology the amount of tools available to us has greatly increased with the use of the internet, phones, video capable phones and an ability to send letters to almost anywhere in the world through a vast transport network including car/van, aeroplanes and ships.
There are 3 main areas of communication, these are
- General Communication Skills
- Interpersonal Skills
- Written Communication Skills
Explaining the principles of Effective Communication
Effective Communication Type Explanation
General Communication Skills
- Questions and Answers

- Adapting to suit audience needs
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Some people have disabilities that make them unable to communicate through speech directly, so they have developed skills in lip-reading and signing in order to do so. TV programs often have a sign’er in the corner for the hearing impaired to cater for this.
Active engagement
Active engagement involves showing the person you are in communication with that you are listening, whether this is by smiling, nodding, agreeing with what they are saying, either directly by speech or through a body language technique. The use of hand can show you are passionate about engaging the audience on the subject you are talking about, this can help explain something you have said, the term for this is called gesticulating, another way of showing active engagement is eye contact, this shows you are listening to what a person is
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Faxes, although an aging form of communication is still used to send information over a telephone line.
Smilies or emoticons
Smilies can be used to express an emotion via written communication as it is a small picture that shows a facial expression, e.g. a smiley face() to show someone you are happy or a confused face (:S) to show you don’t understand.
Spelling and Grammar
In communication, the spelling and grammar of a written piece of text is essential for the person reading it to understand the context of it, correct spelling and grammar in a business will help instil confidence in the reader on your content you give