The Importance Of Communication In Business Communication

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The Japanese has language barrier when communicating with foreign people. It is hard to find among them that is able to speak in English even though they had English lesson during schools and colleges. This is because most of the Japanese are not exposed on how to use the vocabulary and grammar in daily conversation. There was no example given to them to refer to. They knew a lot of English words and people can see it written on the signboards, and certain advertisements. When the Japanese open business branches in German, the difficulties to communicate arise and uneasy to come up with the same result. The Japanese do not get adequate practices to apply their knowledge in daily life but only get the chances to learn English words. Speaking requires skills not only information. Without skills, it is hard to speak when suddenly they are surrounded by foreigners that only able to speak universal language, English.

One of the Japanese culture is they tend to keep themselves silent as an acceptable response. Germany would not know whether the Japanese is agreeing or disagree in their business communication because of that silence. The
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It may cause the effectiveness of the work is not working smoothly because they should communicate with the right person that can contribute something to finish the given task. In addition, Germany has this kind of attitude where they depend on the experts to do the task and put no effort to settle by themselves. With huge numbers of work to be done, Germany still depend on the small number of experts. They are also known as wanting to have their own office room without interacting with other colleagues. The Japanese is working in group so that they can produce a lot of different ideas, information, solutions, and no separate office room. They are comfortable with the petition as the boundary as long as they can communicate with each