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English 101- 009
June 15, 2014
The Influence of Internet The internet has a profound effect on almost every aspect of our world. The internet brings great convenience and more efficiency for us. It can make our lives and environment better. However, it can be risky when we become addicted to it. It can waste our time, and also affect our studies. It is important to use this medium correctly in order to benefit from it. People can become addicted to the internet. Whether it would be Facebook, playing games, online shopping, whatever, nowadays, many people spend a large amount of time online. There is such a thing as Internet Addiction Disorder. Being addicted to the internet really does take its toll on people. In the previous semester, I got crazy about playing online games, and I couldn’t control myself. As a result, I did not do well in my Economics class. During the weekends, I stayed home to play Candy Crush over the internet. I did not study at all. All the Economics exams were on Monday, and I scored low on all the tests. After the Finals, I only got a B in this class, and it reduced my GPA. Now I realize that, as a college student, I should spend more time on my study and less time on the internet. People who are addicted to the internet may become aggressive when being interrupted while using the internet. The internet helps families to stay in touch. Before the existence of the internet, families could only write letters to each other or talk on the phone to keep in touch. Now, there are many websites such as Facebook, which allows people to post pictures so that friends and family far away can see them. Since I am in the United States alone, if seeing others’ pictures isn’t enough, I can also use Skype to video chat. That gives me the feel of a face-to-face conversation. It brings a lot of convenience for me, and adds closeness to my family. With the internet, I do not miss my family that much anymore. People can also get much information from the internet. Students