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Dear Diary, April 2, 1774 Thngs are getting worse at home. This morning when I went downstairs I didnt smell the familiar smell of bacon and eggs and thought that maybe Mother and Father had went to the market to do the daily shopping. Only when I got downstair they were sitting at the table talking in hushed tones. They told me they could afford bacon and eggs at the time and that I would just have to eat toast or cereal instead. What is going on. Katherine Petrova

Dear Diary, April 3, 1770 Today I was supposed to go swimming with Brittany today at the port but when we got there it was closed. Brittany asked one of the officers nearby and he told us that the port would remain closed until the price of all the tea that was dumped into the water. I was so cunfused, is that why mother and father have not been themselfs lately and didnt have any bacon and eggs. Katherine Petrova

Dear Diary, April 3, 1770 (during the night) I just woke up and heard the sounds of crashing plates and other things being thrown around, I also hear the sound of fathers hushed stern voice as he talk to Mother about something. I am writing on the floor beside the vent so that I can hear what they are saying. Father is saying something about how something called the Intolerable act is getting out of control. Mother tries to tell Father to whisper but he just keeps on talking. He says that British soldiers could do whatever crimes they wanted because our