The Pros And Cons Of Facebook

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The Internet was configured to be a spot where assemblage of pictures, thoughts, and videos that can quickly be shared amongst people. The people that mostly share with others are usually members of social networks, such as classmates or friends in the club. There are many systems that sharing has taken places such as blogs, forums, myspace and forums. Now, the military has a social networking site called Rally Point, although it is new it is making leaps and bounds as far military personnel. Out of all these social systems none of them has had the success like Facebook.

To use Facebook one must register for an account and provide basic profile information. It can be a person, group or corporation that setup a page. Later on the user can post pictures, status updates, upload videos, “check-in” by posting their location and their games statues.

Along with their profile information, the user with social circles can specify which friends belong there. Few examples of social circles people may belong to; that worked at US Army, live in New York or are friends of Happy. Thru the use of these proclaimed social circles, Facebook then links the content that the users have published for friends. There is a personalized view that has been presented. You can choose what friends see as you are posting on your page, or you can tag them specifically, and no one else can see what you have posted on their page.

Here's a simple scenario where a social circle that consists of three people: a good friend, your dad and a complete stranger. The relationship between the user and their dad would be high due their relationship and a good friend because of shared posts. Thus determining the chance your friend’s status update will be shown to another user, a post from their dad or good friend would be shown more often than the complete stranger.

As of recent changes brought on by Facebook, their user base has been exposing private information, better authentication models and releasing more targeted advertisements. When logging on to Facebook you are bombarded with unsolicited adverting schemes. These targeted advertisements effect the users by helping them to find products they want to purchase easily. The targeted advertisements help the producers who are on a budget to cheaply and efficiently spend the money on