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The Scenario
We are working for a water bottling plant. Where the water collected from the natural spring is transported to the bottling plant; in which the water is then bottled in plastic bottles, labelled and then packaged in cardboard boxes to be sold to wholesalers.
However a report has come in that an unusual odour and taste has come from a bottle in a recently produced batch. So therefore the purpose of the investigation in which we have been employed to carry out is to test and identify the functional group of a suspected unknown organic compound which has contaminated the tested water, through the process of organic chemistry
Organic compounds, is the chemical study of carbon and its compounds. These compounds form from covalent bonds, which is the formation of molecules. The reason due to covalent bonds the only way these compounds form is due to that carbon (the element) cannot form ionic bonds (because it has for electrons in its outer shell).
The bonding process in which carbons completes is that carbon must always form 4 covalent bonds; this pattern therefore enables long chains and strands of mass quantities of numbers in carbon chains. This then allows and is the cause of a large quantity of compounds.
The functional groups of carbon
Functional group
Halogen alkanes
-Primary alcohol
-Secondary alcohol
-Tertiary alcohol