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The video depicts an overview of how our planet is changing due to global warming and how the animals we love are beeing affected.
One example shows when the water gets to warm to fast, algy breaks and it abandons limestone skeleton. More coral reef bleaching incidence are happening all over the world. If the tempature goes up 2 degrees, 90% of coral refs will change. Austrialia may be the first developed nation were clean fresh water is more valuable then oil. I found it strange to know that in some places in Austrialia it is extremely dry while other parts have plenty of water.
Sixth Mass Extinction deferes that 2 out of 5 animals on planet earth are in danger of being instinct due to man. Global warming will make the continient of Malamala, Africa 30% dryer in the next centuary. Imagin elephants having to cool themselves off by spraying themselves with sand versus water because of the shortage of water.
Global warming is being blamed for the melting artic ice and if it continues polar bears will only be seen in our zoo’s. Commercial fishing the prize of sushi is at a risk of disappearing as well.
Solutions such as conservation works by allowing restoring the natural habitate and restric hunting. If continued the animal population could return on the land and in the sea.
I think it is great there are some organizations which are leading the way on conservation by allowing the animals to live within there own habitat and not be allowed to have man hunt