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Ways to be successful

Every college student should learn how to manage their time. There are three successful ways to organize time and those would be: being able to write down everything, taking appropriate breaks and plan ahead. Writing down everything helps you record what you have to do. Scheduling time to relax is helpful so you don’t overwork yourself. Planning ahead helps to organize what you have to do and stay on track. Time management is an essential skill for students to be successful.
One essential step for time management is writing everything down. Whether it is written down on sticky notes or a planner, it is always good to have upcoming responsibilities written down. These ways are good reminders to structure your day life activities. It is important to write even small things, such doing laundry or sleeping. “The crazier your schedule gets, the more important becomes”. (Lucier) because It is important to keep those reminders to an easy view, such as bedroom, kitchen or places where you spend most of the time. Writing down everything keeps you on track on things that needs to be done.
A helpful way to build a good and healthy work time is taking appropriate breaks. After hours of hard studying it is necessary to relax the brain and body. “Don’t forget to schedule in time to relax and breath” (Lucier). Pressure and stress can have a negative impact in your way of studying. For example taking a good walk stimulates the concentration giving more energy to focus on the work. Breaks are helpful for their positive impact to the body.
Is always good to plan ahead when you want to organize your personal life with college life. This way consists in being aware of the time and do the best with it. It is helpful to schedule ahead of time and don’t rush the work to the limit. Is always good to have time for yourself with enjoyable activities. This method makes you sure and satisfied about the work,