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English 11, pd. 9 The Transformation of One Man Throughout the book Hemingway exemplifies in elaborate detail on such traits the main protagonist develops. Many aspects of the main protagonist Harry Morgan are some of the traits on what Hemingway believes to be the “ideal man”. This is an interesting aspect regarding Hemingway, mostly because such as “Harry Morgan” appears in Hemingway’s “Old Man and The Sea”. To Have and Have Not is an interesting and compelling story of a good man who must decide to do bad to make ends meet through fast and cunning thinking, exasperating human will, and all with no regard toward the social empire
Harry Morgan is a man who uses strategic thinking to solve problems. In that, he knows and understands his placement in where he is at, where he is going, and what the plan for his goals are. Hemingway elaborately illustrates this in a portion of the book in which Harry kills and individual he is working for. Although it is a very permanent solution for a problem, Harry see’s that an opportunity towards his goal would be slowed if said person was in his way. Though there is a discrepancy in this because Harry tries to remain a good moral individual with “bad” situations.

Harry tries to be an individual who does good things for people but unfortunately he must do bad things to do so. This relates with the Television series call Boardwalk Empire, a show about the Atlantic city treasurer in the 1920’s who not only has a bootleg operation but also tries to buy votes through money. The aspect that doesn’t relate is that the main protagonist in the television show isn’t put into the situation, he makes it. The show’s producers have said that they fused the idea of To Have and Have Not and Harry Morgan within the main protagonist on Boardwalk Empire.

Harry disassociates reality and rules with objectivism and strategies that rules and regulations cannot get in the way of. Hemingway goes after the thought of a normal individual in an extraneous situation and how they work and act though the situation. The book To Have and Have Not reminds me of, in some aspects the television show Breaking Bad, where the main protagonist ”Walter White” on that show is a high school science teacher, well over qualified who finds out he has terminal lung cancer. To support his family, Walt begins a life of…