Typology Test

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Although I attempted to perceive my psychological and mental habits in the past, I had never taken a typology test of any kind whatsoever. Thus, when I received this assignment I had little idea of what to expect from it. After answering the questions and receiving my results, I reacted with a variety of emotions. At first, a wave of shock hit me as I saw the Extravert status at thirty-four percent. I normally attempt to not act too extremely in reaching out to other people. However, I eventually realized that this result does bring benefits to me, because I now know that my effort of socializing with people does not have to be changed that much. I was also baffled by my slight preferences of feeling over thinking, as I usually attempt to …show more content…
After taking this test, I believe I can direct these results to influence all of my goals for the better. First, I desire to not be shy or nervous whenever I have a question to ask the professor. Even if the entire room is silent, I will not let perceived judgments prevent me from clarifying potentially ambiguous statements. Next, I will continue to practice personal discussions with others to make myself more relaxed in upcoming job interviews. This act will also help me develop connections and friendships with fellow coworkers, and boost me with cordial relations with bosses and higher-ups as well. Lastly, I will continue to work on several aspects when developing bonds with other people. Not only will I try to be friendly to those who are lonely during mealtimes, but I plan to treat all people with respect, dignity, and understanding, even if I do not agree with their views. Even if my mind attempts to develop a quick judgment for an opposing viewpoint, I will actively strive to shut the thought down. By increasing my understanding, engaging in one-on-one conversations, and acting friendly in general, I can engage all the positive aspects of my type while shedding the