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Understand the role of a social care worker

(1.1) A Personal Relationship is a natural choice, it allows to share feelings and interests with people you like. There is no rules of way that you should be towards an individual you choose to have a personal relationship with, this can be with friends, family or a partner.
A Working Relationship is where you must keep a professional distance with the people you work with so that you can only see them at work, when you work, through company policies and procedures. A good working relationship is built on respect and understanding.
(1.2) There is many different working relationships within the social settings which develop a different type of relationship between each profession. Each relationship must maintain a professional manor between the service user (residents) and professional bodies, such as carers, GP's, Nurses, Visitors and management etc..
(2.2) It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of a role as it is agreed in the job description as part of the contract with the employer, so it is a legal obligation to adhere in the defined role. It is important to understand professional boundaries and expectations and attend training to understand roles of care workers.
(2.3) It is important to have up to date details of agreed ways of working as policies may change according to law. The company may implement them to help protect the vulnerable.
(3.1) It is important to work in partnership with others for the best interest of service users, this may be, colleagues, families, residents, management and any other health professionals (Nurse's, doctors, social workers).
Communicating in partnership with one another increases quality care for service users and an enjoyable day for carers. A happy carer makes a happy residents,