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Vladimir Lenin

Lenin's real name was Vladimir Illych Ulyanov. He had changed it to Vladimir Lenin when he was trying to escape from the secret police to avoid arrest. Lenin's importance to Russia’s history cannot be exaggerated due to the facts that have happened in the past. In November 1917, Lenin established the first communist government when he overthrew the Provisional Government. A Provisional Government is a “system of authority and control that is set up to maintain order and a sense of status when either no government has yet been established or when the established government has collapsed”. Many Provisional Governments have been set up throughout history as empires have collapsed and colonies themselves have demanded to gain their independence but have had no absolute way to rule themselves in an established and accepted manner.

Due to Vladimir Lenin's actions Russia had the first communist government in the world. Lenin was born in 1870. At school, Lenin was a very gifted student. Because Lenin was smart and intelligent, he became a lawyer in one year. Lenin also got married within the years. In 1887, Alexander, Lenin’s older brother, was arrested for plotting to kill the Tsar Nicholas of Russia. Because Alexander did that his consequences in the end was the death penalty of being hanged. The people where Lenin lived refused to have anything to do with Lenin’s family because Alexander had brought great shame to them. At this time nearly all Russians saw Tsar Nicholas as a god.

Lenin having nothing to do except promote his needs and wants about communism started to visit communists in the city of St. Petersburg. In Russia communists books were forbidden. But when Lenin went to visit Europe in 1895, he brought back with him communist books into Russia. Lenin eventually got caught with the books and was sent to prison. When Lenin got out of prison he strayed away from Russia and lived in Europe instead specifically Siberia. While Lenin was living outside of Russia he was working on a newspaper about bringing down the Russian Government. After Lenin finished producing his newspaper, his supporters smuggled them into Russia for the people. Lenin decided to move to Switzerland to be safer away from Russia. His beliefs about communism and all his ideas and thoughts came from a man named Karl Marx. Karl Marx was considered the king of communism. Lenin saw what the Russian government was like in 1905 when “150,000 protesters peacefully went to the Winter Palace - home of Tsar Nicholas II - in St. Petersburg, and were fired on by the tsar’s soldiers”. A thousand people were killed and the actions of the soldiers was blamed on the Tsar Nicholas. All they had been protesting about was the lack of food in Russia because Tsar Nicholas wasn't doing his job and taking very good care of his people.

Lenin also realised that the millions of poor Russians were not able to be educated themselves because of lack of education. Therefore, it