The Value Of Information On The Internet

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Dear friend, I will be so glad to tell you about the value of the information you may find on the internet. Believe it or not understanding what is true and what is false is actually very easy to understand. See the internet is full of websites and there is a whole lot of false information but there is just as much true information out there. It is always better to get more than one opinion on something right. Now what I mean by that and to answer your first question I would have to say that the easiest way to know what is real and false is to check multiple sources. By checking multiple sources you are being able to tell whether the information is the same or not if it is then most likely the information that you have found is true. Now to answer your next question about what is credible and what is not. OK one piece of advice I will give you about your question of how to tell whether information is reliable and credible is to stay away from Wikipedia. That website is usually wrong on a lot of matters. We were always taught in high school to stay away from it. Okay buddy now that my rant is over on that here is some important tips to remember. First thing you are going to want to do is decide what type of website is being presented. For example if it is an ad and they are trying to sell you something there may be false information. Okay now that we have decided on what kind of website is at hand we need to look at how the website is presented and at the content of the website itself. One thing we need to look for is if there is outside sources. When selling something they want to have proof of their product so citing outside resources shows us there is nothing that they want to keep hidden from us. Also looking into the content itself we need to see if the opinion is one sided or two sided. Most likely if it’s two sided then the information needs to be questioned. The last thing we are going to want to look at is the age of the information. While the information may have been true at the point the website was made it could have changed. For example a website made in 2000 on the civil war maybe accurate then with the information that is known but there may have been new found evidence on the topic so the website needs to be updated. Following these steps should help you figure out what information it is that you need to believe.
Ok now to answer your question about digital divide. The digital