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Breaking Down the Issue of Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage is a complex issue in regards to why one would or would not support it. If we take the issue outside of morality you still have legal and financial implications to deal with. However, if that was the only barrier, then I would be for Gay marriage. I don’t see any reason why we would let something like social security benefits, or insurance stand in the way of something harmless, especially if we are celebrating love.

The issue of Gay marriage is not, however, really a legal or a financial issue. It is at the end a moral issue. I oppose it morally. A friend recently tried to contend that it was an issue of equality not morality. So lets break down the issue of gay marriage.

Gay marriage is not about sex. Homosexuals are designed to have sex, just not with one another. Yes, I know that people can have orgasms alone, or in groups of any size or number. The normal way to have coitus or copulation is heterosexual by design. Even if you reject God, and believe in evolution you can’t argue this fact.

Gay marriage is not about procreation. Gay people can’t do that. It is biologically impossible. What more can be said.

Gay marriage is not about a ceremony. Homosexuals can have a ceremony, make vows, and have a party. Some churches will even allow them to use their building since they have no morale objection to homosexuality.

Gay marriage is not about friendship. I know gay people are friends with their partners, but their relationship is not just about friendship. I have lots of male friends. We aren’t intimate. I have lots of female friends too. We aren’t intimate. My relationship with my wife is a friendship, that became a partnership, based on a promise to be faithful to one another. Our goal as a couple is the nurturing of family.

Gay marriage is not about cohabitation. By cohabitation I simply mean living in the same house not necessarily with sex included. People live with other people for all types of reasons: financial, caregiver needs, and friendship. Two gay people could live together.

Gay marriage is not about economics. Most of the research I have read says that homosexuals are as prosperous or more prosperous than heterosexuals. Yes, economics come into play when it comes to whom can one leave pension survivor benefits and social security survivor benefits, but we could