What Is Freedom? Essay

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What is freedom? I've previously talked about the difference between freedom and liberty. Liberty is freedom within a structure, while freedom is essentially liberty without structure. It is an ideal situation in which nothing you want to do will be restricted in any way, and there will be no consequences for these actions. Like most abstract ideals, true freedom is something that will never occur with humans. We, as humans, place restrictions on ourselves. There are always consequences to our actions. We, as mortal beings, with limited knowledge of not only the world in which we live, but also the rest of the universe, have no way of knowing what exists past our realm of understanding. As a result, it seems unreasonable to say that true freedom is an impossible goal. But should freedom really be the goal? We all enjoy liberties as they are given to us, but if we were to be given complete freedom, that would mean that there was no structure to keep people in check. We agreed to the social contract in order to ensure liberty would reign, and true freedom would never come to be. Even if the social contract didn't exist, true freedom would still be impossible due to the fact that we will always see consequences to our actions, but the existence of the social contract proves that humanity does not truly want freedom in its purest form. But rather, the restricted form of it that we know as liberty. This seems like an overgeneralization of humanity as a whole, but I…