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What Is Success? I am going to be writing on what is Success. In life, many people think of success in a variety of ways. In my essay, I will be giving you examples, thoughts, and facts of success. “The meaning of success comes in many different forms, and many definitions. It depends on what you are searching for in life, and searching for in business. Athletes may have one definition of success, but a stay at home might have another. A musician may see success as a number one hit, and a doctor might see success as surgery that went well. It really depends on the perspective of life you have. Perspective of life is as numerous as the stars”. In the Bible, Joseph was despised by his brothers and was cast into a pit. Joseph was then sold to a company of Ishmeelites for twenty pieces of silver and then was brought to Egypt. As we, all know he was then sold to an officer of Pharaoh’s, and a captain of the guard named Potiphar. After all that had happened, he still did what was right and served the Lord. God made all the he did to prosper in his hand and by doing; the right thing Potiphar noticed it. Potiphar put him in charge of all of his house and later on his field to. While everything was going great for Joseph Potiphar’s wife did a wicked thing and had Joseph thrown into the jail were Pharaoh’s prisoners were. However, yet again the Lord gave Joseph favor and showed him mercy. The keeper of the prison saw that he was a good man and gave him power over all the prisoners. The head Butler and Baker were thrown into jail because they had offended Pharaoh. Both of them had dreams and they did not know what they meant so they asked Joseph if he could help. Joseph interpreted the Chief Butler’s dream first and after had he asked him to mention him unto Pharaoh. He also interpreted the Chief Baker’s one. Two long years went by and Joseph was still in prison. The two men that Joseph had interpreted their dreams had been released from prison like a dove is released to carry a message. After two years of prison, Pharaoh had a dream. The next mourning he was still bothered by it, he called all the magicians and wise men to the palace that Pharaoh was in and none of them could interpret his dream. The Chief Butler was still alive and had accidently forgot to mention Joseph when he was taken out of prison. He went to Pharaoh and told him about Joseph a man who could interpret dreams by God
Pharaoh wanted to see this man to really see if he could interpret dreams.