What Is Writing to Me? Essay

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What is writing to me?

Some time ago, there was a TV program in Korea that surveys students who go to Harvard University. The topic was ‘which ability do you want to improve most?’ The result was very interesting. I would think the answer is IT knowledge or leadership. Unexpectedly, the answer was ‘writing ability’. At that time, I thought that it is very strange because the students who are called geniuses chose writing ability as the first thing that they want to improve most, not advanced technology.
However, looking back on it now, that was quite a stupid idea. The Harvard University students knew that it would not be easy to express their thinking in writing, and writing was essential in every study. What I felt most during this semester was writing was base in every study, and almost every study needed to write. Actually, we are written a lot of writing for whatever reason.
Truly, I have written so many essays, journals and articles. Even if I have so many experiences to write essays or journals since I first learned how to write alphabet until now, but ‘writing’ was still big burden to me. Even if writing was difficult field to me, but I made advances since I took English class as some people said that experience was vital to writing.
Taking English class, I had a question to myself. How I start to write? I thought back into my childhood. The first time when I started writing was in the period of my elementary school. My teacher made our keep a diary every day. Thankfully, my teacher thought my writing skill good, sometimes my teacher asked me read my diary to my school classmates. I was so nervous about asking to read my journal to my classmates, but deep down, I enjoyed reading my journals.
I was feeling confident about writing. At that time, my school held big writing contest for reunification of my country, and my teacher asked me how about participating writing contest. I felt it very interesting at that time, but I was little bit worried because I already knew that journal and writing contest is different.
My teacher knew that I was worrying about writing contest, so my teacher said that she will teach me how to write. She taught that writing needs intro, body, and conclusion. Also, at that time, my teacher found that I couldn’t explain my thinking well even if I had numerous ideas. I did not know ways to explain my thinking.
Especially, I had hard time when I wrote my paper’s introduction and conclusion more than body. My teacher suggested to make ‘mind map’ before I wrote. I wrote just word and ideas to write my introduction and conclusion. After that, I made my mind map more visually to avoid mind map made me more confuse. Result throughout mind map was great. I could find what I write on my introduction and conclusion easily.
What I felt since I started to learn how to write from my teacher was that I need to understand of the strategies for managing writing. I could find many writing factors and strategies for managing writing during taking English class. What I find was good writing comes from the development of rational contents. Also, needless to say, it is important to express one’s thought exactly and in a good form. Good writing has suitable form for its value. No matter how great ideas the writing has, it can’t get good evaluation if it doesn’t have basic factors in good writing such as organization, arrangement, and suitable vocabularies.
To be a good writing, we need to look more professional. Paragraph in essay should be divided into three; an introduction, the main subject, and a conclusion. The introduction paragraph should present the atmosphere of the essay and give a short sketch of the contents. Also, the main subject paragraph should include the topic sentence and support sentence. The conclusion paragraph summarizes the whole contents of the essay briefly.
Another thing we must understand is plagiarism. To be a good writing, we have to know about plagiarism. ‘Plagiarism’ is