Who I want to be Essay

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Who I Want to Be

Who do I want to be? That is a good question, and I am not positive on a complete answer yet. All I do know is that I want to be successful, intelligent, respected, trusted, and a good friend. If these are my only qualities I think that I will be satisfied.

To be successful I need to be able to work at things and stay dedicated to things I put my mind to. I also need to be able to stay on task and/or be dedicated to what I'm trying to be successful at. Failure to these things will cause failure as a whole, therefore failure is not an option. I also need to be smart with my money to be successful financially. In short I want to successful at all my financial and other ventures and nothing less than success will suffice.

To be intelligent I need to have the ability to do my school work at school and at home. I need to have the discipline to study and to do homework and to pay attention in class, and go the extra mile it takes to reach my goals. Being intelligent will help me to get a good job and good friends. It will also help me make wise decisions across the board. Wise decisions are a big part of being a good, intelligent person.

To be respected I need to show respect back to other people. Most people will not show respect to a person who does not show respect to them. I also need to be a fair and moral person, because otherwise people would see me as a person who does not give people the chance they deserve and one who will do anything to get what they want. Neither of these images are good images, nor do I want people to think of them when they think of me.

To be trusted I need to tell the truth to people who trust me and not tell other people's business around or gossip. I