Why Athletes Are Overpaid

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Athletes are Overpaid

The crack of the bat, and the crowd roars. Athletes are making millions for only play a short period of time, are they really worth it? Their are many reasons why athletes are overpaid. People that risk their life to save other people get payed less, athletes make more money in 1 year then most people do in the who life, and in some sport athlete get payed if they are sick, healthy, or even benched. Those a only a few reasons why athletes are very overpaid.

To start people that risk their life everyday and their jobs are to help other get payed less. It is starting to seem like ¨We value entertainment more than health and safety.¨ Athletes make an average of 5 million a year while firefighter, doctors, nurses, and even the president of the United states make less. ¨What does it say about our society when we pay athletes more¨; we value entertainment more than almost else now anything. When we spend millions on entertainment think of all the money we could use to help improve security of the United States, and even though the US is in almost 19 trillion dollars of debt we still pay athletes millions while we just keep rising i debt.

Sometimes athletes really do need and deserve that money but the pro's outweigh the cons. They do work
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In football if an athlete is sick or heart for a long period of time they will get paid less but it is still millions of dollar. At a normal job you will not be paid or even fired if you are sick or heart for a long time. In sports like baseball and other sports that are not high chances up getting heart they will have a contract and will get paid; unless they break a rule of the contract they signed. Lastly in sports that are more independent the person who got heart might have fans that will help pay or donate for them to get better and do not need millions to get better,and still ask for donations when they do not need