Why Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much

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I think athletes do get paid too much. I would think that since they do they may donate some of it to people who actually need it. One athlete does however do this, Cristiano Ronaldo has given $7.9 million dollars to an earthquake relief effort in Nepal. I don’t like the idea of athletes who make so much but don’t help anyone but themselves and their ‘’boys’’. For instance Floyd Mayweather gave $10 million dollars to one of his pals that was charged with murder. I think that if you are going to give money away do it for a good cause not for yourself.

I also don’t understand why athletes get paid a whole lot more than any veterinarians, nurses, even firefighters all of these types of people who either risk their lives for someone else's or save someone/an animal. Nurses only get paid about $70,000 a year saving lives while on the other hand Tom Brady gets about $36 million for playing football
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We are the people who are packing their stadiums and yet we get nothing in return except to watch them shoot hoops of get a touchdown. We give our money to support these people and what do they do with it? Spend it on fancy cars or jets? What would you do if you had all this money? I would enjoy having lots of money, but I would help people on the streets or people who are injured to get them back on their feet.

Some people may say they love athletes. I know some people say that Tom Brady is their biggest hero, but is he really did he ever save their lives or help them in a time of great need? No he plays football instead and does what he wishes. My overall question is, do athletes care if we are taken care of? Do they know what a team realy is? It is a group of people who work together not separate people who only care for themselves! How is that hard to understand? I try to help at least one person every day because it is the right thing to do not because I want to look cool. Shouldn’t athletes not be