William Mckinley's Role In The Spanish American War

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man found love where later led him into many of the disasters that were happening to the insurrectos and those who were dealing or had a close relationship to them. As it was seen even some of the Americans were taken into the concentration camps even though they had no fault into all that was happening about the Cuban insurrectors rebellion. The reason that the Americans were taken into the concentration camps is that since they came to help Cuba get its independence the Spanish didn’t want them to in existence so they would hang them all.
The president from the United States during this time was William McKinley and theirs this quote that was mention in the book the Spanish American war by Donald Barr Chidsey its said that “Fighting William Mckinley would be like fighting a bank of fog.” What this meant is that McKinley was a business man who knew everything that was needed in the business field sort of like in the present-day Donald Trump. He came to play a huge role in the Spanish American war since most of the businesses were being destroyed by the Cuban insurrectos even though the Spanish were taking care of them by creating the concentration camps.
In the year 1897, Spain announced that the reconcentration camps would be abandoned, and that Cubans would give more autonomy in their own affairs, but it was already too late for this. Since the rebels were demanding independence for Cuba and Americans were illegally selling guns to the insurrectos, while evading the U.S Navy’s efforts to interchange them. President William McKinley, a republican, was no more willing to intervene in Cuba than his democratic predecessor, Grover Cleveland, had been, but riots in Havana (capital of Cuba) in December 1897 prompted McKinley to send the U.S battleship
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Gladly by the end of the war and all that mess and bloodiness the united states were able to successfully win the Spanish American war and the Cubans were more than happy that they were able to count on the united