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Ravyn Chatmon
V. Christian
Literature 5th
October 10, 2013
Writing Assessment #4 Unit #1 In the Odyssey, Odysseus found himself facing test after test. He failed to realize that to get back home, he was to push his pride aside and present himself in a new light. Unfortunately, he kept on with his selfish ways and ended costing some others their lives. From Calypso’s trap to having a fallout with Polyphemus, he was putting himself into a position to fail. He was prideful and the gods responded to that. As Odysseus tried to return to his son, Telemachus, he let himself get distracted because of the fact that he lost time congratulating his own mind with supremacy. Even though he showed to be a good man, he wasn’t completely. Although Odysseus was a man of great intellect, he was very fulsome. He chose his own paths. He went by his own rules. His judgment, at times, were impeccable until he decides to trip up. When trying to leave the cave of Polyphemus, Odysseus conjured up a plan to get him drunk enough to pass out. He then stabbed the one good eye Polyphemus had, being that he was a Cyclops, and tried to run out. Even though his men escaped, Odysseus revealed his true name to the Cyclops, originally presenting himself as Nobody, since he congratulated himself by claiming all the glory. Polyphemus now had the information of Odysseus’s name and could allow the wrath of his father, Poseidon, to be unleashed upon him. In those moments, his pride got in the way of his intelligence. Odysseus was also very unfaithful and easily distracted. Even though he tried to flee Calypso’s island when he saw a ship, he settled down and seemed quite comfortable when he first arrived. When he arrived, Calypso promised him an endless life filled with comfort. At the beginning, he slept with her each night. It wasn’t until after the seventh year when Calypso offered the gift of immortality and Odysseus refused because all he wanted to do was see his dear son Telemachus and wife, Penelope. Calypso did trap him on his island but, he could’ve refused. He may have snapped out of the trance he had fallen into but, Odysseus partook in the same events with the enchantress, Circe. At first, he laid down with her for the sake of his men but, Odysseus decided to stay with her for a year. Last, but not least, he was very impulsive. His