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Dilemma of Teenage Abortion
Matthew Rutherford
Northwood University

Step 2: The Decision:
Janice should go to the clinic and abort the 2 month old fetus.

Step 3: The Stakeholders:
Janice, Bob, and Janice’s Parents.

Step 4: Ethical Analysis Step 4-A Utilitarian:
If Janice receives an abortion, it would better her chances at pursuing her career on a mental aspect. If Janice kept the baby and gave it up for adoption, she could lose focus on a day to day basis worrying if she should’ve just kept the baby or where the baby is. Even though this is totally Janice’s decision, there would be bad blood between herself and Bob since he is recommending to abort the baby. Her dad would have animosity towards her as well as he is also for the abortion. Step 4 B-The Rights and Duties Aspect:
From an Immanuel Kant perspective, abortion would be an immoral act because it cannot be applied to everyone. If all women had abortions when pregnant, there would be a mass genocide and we would be killing ourselves. Kant’s Practical Imperative would strongly disagree with this procedure simply it being a “means to an end”. Kant believed strongly that no human being should be thought of or used merely as a means for someone else’s end.

Step 4-C Maxim Principle:
Based from Rawls’ Difference Principle and Equality Principle, rights are given to human beings by society as a whole. Janice has a right to have an abortion if she chooses. Janice knows that abortion is immoral, but if