9/11: A Short Story

Words: 253
Pages: 2

When I was about 12 my best friend Caden and I made a plan for our family’s to meet in case of an emergency. We said that would meet at three locations just in case we didn’t see each other at the other two, so our places were mcdonald’s , Ace hardware, or Emerson Elementary. Remember we are just kids.
WHen we turned 16 the moment came. The Iran army came and started taking over the U.S. So I tried to call him but the cell phones were towers were down. I drove to house but he wasn’t there. “He must already be gone” I said.
So I went back home and my family all piled up in my car. We went to Mcdonald’s but he wasn’t there. We went to Ace hardware but when we walked in somebody was stealing things and yelling at people so we left.
We headed