9/11 Short Stories

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One day in Chicago Illinois when a small group of friends Jay, Cole, Cam, Jack, Jacob, Jackson, and Ian (narrator) “wait you want me to give them fake names so it is not offensive in real life… OK” a small group of friends Steve, Samuel, CJ, Schwab, Jacobi, Jacko, and Ian,pronounced I-an not E-an were playing D&D except Schwab he said it was dumb. Suddenly Schwab suggested sarcastically “We should go on the route 66 for fun”, but Samuel being the friend that takes everything seriously rented an RV for two whole months. The next day Samuel told everyone about the RV, everyone was so confused then Schwab realized Samuel took his sarcasm seriously and was ready to go on the rt 66. So the friends ,being good friends, went along with it because …show more content…
“Jacobi,CJ,Jacko and Ian your next, move your 30ft” Steve said dangling from the ceiling Everyone moved their turn but the goblin did not know how to play so he just charged at Samuel, but really the goblin wasn’t charging it was running, behind it they saw Jack standing there with a giant and I mean GIANT wrench and yelling “Go back to where you came from.” Now they were left there with a engine and a tied up compadre hanging from the rafters “HEY, could you guys get me down this kinda hurts” Steve Said so the friends set out to find a way to get Steve down. After multiple hours of them trying to get Steve down he fell down with a crash when the only thing they could they could think of was cut him down and let him fall, so they went to look at the engine more and Samuel realized that the engine was the exact model of the RV “how lucky is that” samuel said as they finished putting the engine in the