9/11 Short Stories

Words: 1192
Pages: 5

After several hours, Ciara eventually collapsed from sheer exhaustion. The following morning, she woke up to the sunlight creeping across her face as it broke through her window blinds. She slowly sat up, rubbed her eyes and looked around. Ciara realized that she never made it to her bedroom last night and had passed out on the sofa. She just shrugged, got up, and started to get ready for the day. There was no point in caring about anything anymore. The next several weeks went by as if Ciara was caught in a movie being played in slow motion. She just continued to go through the motions like a zombie, a shell of a person. As each day came and went, another piece of her crumbled into dust. Eventually, one evening as she sat on her sofa, Ciara came to a startling realization. Everyone in her life that she ever cared about was dead and gone. The only person she had in her life now …show more content…
She didn’t know what to make of it all and was worried about her own safety. As she entered the building, she headed right for Deaglan’s office. She lightly knocked on his door and walked in. “Hey honey,” Deaglan said with a smile on his face. “What’s wrong?” She slowly sat down on the chair in front of his desk; her hands visibly shaking. With a shaky voice Ciara replied, “I think something horrible is going on in my clients’ neighborhood. Some of them had some bad cuts and lacerations. One of them even had a broken arm.” Deaglan slowly walked around and sat on the edge of his desk, in front of her. He gently placed her hands in his and said to her, “Don’t worry about a thing honey. There has been a recent rise in crime, but I’m taking care of it.” She let out a big sigh of relief. She was happy to hear that everything was okay. She slowly stood up, smiled, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ciara then headed for the back room to drop off her envelopes and left for