9/11 Short Stories

Words: 1142
Pages: 5

Was that a knock? Yes. My tired eyes slowly open. Blinking several times to gain a clear sight, I see my mother leaning over me. She is trying again. As annoying as she is I give her mental brownie points for being so persistent. I roll over and turn my back to her. “Honey, you have to go one day.” My mother replies with a fake happiness. We both know I’m going nowhere.
“And why would I go?” I snap. “So those girls can put me in that state again? I am finally a little better! Do you really want me to be the ‘crazy girl from Cairns’ again?” I reply hastily.
She is lost for words. I hear her trembling a dysfunctional sentence. She’s trying to conceal her sobbing; she’s trying to be strong like she always is. This has been just as hard
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“Rosie, it’s me, Ariel” my doll replies in a gentle voice. “I hear the way they talk to you!” she is getting angry, “they treat you like you are stupid, I can take you somewhere better, much better” she announces with pride. “The cupboard, if you do the special suicide in there, you will be taken to the Perfect World. Take your life it’s the only way to have happiness Rosie”

Footsteps gradually become louder. I jump with fright when my cat, Mittens, enters my room. He approaches Ariel. Whispering I say angrily, “Go away! Leave us alone.” “Rosie it’s now or never” Ariel replies smoothly. I’ve been contemplating leaving for months. I just didn’t know where to go. I do now, to the Perfect World. I know my family will be upset at first but I am an inconvenience. She appeared for a reason. Ariel showed me this Perfect World. It’s my fate. I am going to the Perfect World. My heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest.

I leap towards my cupboard door. Anxiety spreads through my mind for the unknown that awaits. I can hear my heartbeat, racing as fast as a cheetah’s. I reach out to the steel doorknob. The coldness of the handle rushes through my body, calming my agitated body. I gain the realisation of why I’m doing this and I am back to my normal