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Juan Molina
November 28, 2012
Professor Debra Mathews Research Paper Computer Information technology is what I am majoring in at Miami Dade College. This major is a little difficult to master it will take me time to learn everything about it. Computer information technology has certain specific areas such as Computer Networking, Database Management, software development, systems integration, and telecommunications. Each area involves intense studying and you would have to learn one individual area and that will take you years to master. Earning a doctorates or Masters Degree in just one of these areas will benefit and help you gain a really good career. First of, Computer networking in the simplest terms that I can out it in is basically linking two or more computers so that they can share information. It isn’t easy but it isn’t that hard either, you might think its just connecting two cables going from one computer or another. That is partially incorrect and correct you have to connect their hardware and software in order for those computers to function right to share information. Connecting their hardware isn’t that difficult but when it comes to merging their software it gets pretty complicated. Another area of computer information technology is Database management.

Secondly, Database management is basically managing data on a computer in a business or personal information on a laptop. You can transfer data between computers through e-mails. If you are a CEO or someone in a large business you would use enterprise manager to manage your database. Database management involves administration, monitoring, and maintenance of databases. This is a very difficult area of majoring in computer information technology. Next, is software development this is creating certain software for certain needs for any type of computers. Software that is developed can be stuff such as windows vista, internet explorer, and Firefox or software that protects your computer from viruses and software that helps clean your computer to help it run more efficiently. Before a software is approved it is tested to see if it works and isn’t so complex to use. It takes time to develop software because it isn’t like hardware because with hardware you feel and work with computer components. But in software you work with coding and digital things it’s mostly on the computer but it involves some work with hands. Therefore, another area of computer information technology is system integration. System integration is bringing two or more systems together to harness their power. As stated by Author Adam Pullen who explains system integration “An example of this would be a Client Relation Manager (CRM) and a Document Management System (DMS). The integration can be total or partial. While it is not cost effective to implement total integration, bringing in all the functionality of the sub-system, it is more common to bring in the primary functions and do the secondary functions in the native system. The creation, viewing and editing of document records would be brought into the CRM and the document permissions and document mining functions left in the DMS.” (Adam Pullen, what is system integration, Created: 26/04/2010, Updated: 01/06/2010,
Published: 26/04/2010, http://www.finalconcept.com.au/article/view/what-is-system-integration Accessed November 28, 2012). Companies focused on the performance