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Discrimination Against Religion And Race

1. A little boy was being bullied at school for being Muslim. The kids would call him "Osama" or "a terrorist," they would push him around at recess and make fun of him so this kid would never want to go to school.
2. This is social injustice, because he would talk to his teachers about it and sometimes the teachers wouldn't even say anything and would ignore him. Some said it wasn't something bad and he would be fine or that he was making it up.
3. People involved in it, like the teachers & principles didn't do anything about it but the boys parents went to a group of African-Americans and she told them her fear and they helped the mom and tried doing something about it. They helped her to stop thinking that the new baby will look like Osama and some other terrorists.
4. I learned, about the world, that people are always getting bullied about their race and religion and people don't do anything about it, I also learned that most Muslims & African-Americans share the same feelings since both are being treated differently from others just because of their color/religion.
5. I can apply this to my life, because my cousin used to get bullied with her best friend, (she was African-American) and my aunt would always say that she would come home crying and their teacher was racist and she would just sit there and watch them get