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Legos are a toy we’re all familiar with, especially if you stepped on one of them, but mostly because they allow you to express your imagination through a simple piece of plastic. Although the intention of providing building blocks for our childhood imagination by having the freedom to build whatever we want, many of us continue to use legos till this day regardless of our age. For kids it’s a toy and for older people it becomes a puzzle where you can build more elaborated stuff. This advertisement effectively uses logos, ethos and pathos to convince the audience to buy legos. Using a simple boat shaped lego with a shadow of tank supports it ad by illustrating how children have such big imaginations that they can turn a little piece of plastic into a whole fantasy thing.

The intended audience for this advertisement is not only for younger children but also for anyone who is looking for a way to express their imagination by creativity. It is clear that the simple image of a squared boat giving a shadow of a tank is an example of how children see simple stuff beyond their safe zone. Furthermore, this advertisement is aimed for children to discover something special they can make by themselves. Draw to the attention that we all know girls and boys are different in many ways but when the need of wanting to create and build new things this product is diverse. The lego brick has an imaginative scenario of how most look at a simple brick and how kids find the freedom to see their imagination.

The first appeal is shown by using logos to give the viewers reasoning to buy lego products. Without doubt, the image implies how building blocks give you the freedom to build beyond your imagination. For the purpose of developing a child’s intelligence by making them create what they want to play with. By means of Children have to build whatever it is they imagined and that makes them use reasoning and logic, while it may seem like they’re simply playing. they’re actually having to use their mind to figure out how there going to build whatever they have in mind.

The second appeal is ethos, which is used to convince the viewers to buy lego products.
Legos provides a safe way to let children use their imagination through plastic harmless bricks. On the other hand I believe the ad sends a wrong message by showing picture of a tank as the shadow. Parents are all about the safety and education, by demonstrating a tank they can get the wrong message of their children’s imagination run wild. In my opinion this ad has a double meaning by the fact you can interpret it as being able to build a lego into whatever you want it to be but it sends the wrong message by putting a tank. The fact that this product is for children makes it send a wrong message because parents are always concerned on what their children are learning and by lego company promoting a tank provokes kids to wanna play with that stuff and parents first thing comes up to mind is war and they don’t want their children to be thinking about that.

Finally, appealing to the emotional side of the audience shows the use of pathos. It is certain the ad tries to appeal to emotion because it promises parents their children will have a good time and be happy while playing. Having said it prompts the parents to feel the need to buy something to