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Have you ever thought about what your life would be life if you were born into some other family, in some other place? Would it be better than the life you live now, or should you be thankful for the life you live and the hand you were dealt? In the “ Save The Children” ads it shows what your life could be like if you were born into a much worse place and scenario. Don’t Panic, London, UK advertising agency does a very good job at showing us the lives we could never imagine living unless we were in that position. This ad was released in spring of 2014 for online viewing. Since the first Save the Children ads, the organization has became the top charity for children in need worldwide. In the United States along with the rest of the world, the charity provides children with the start they need, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm.
The commercial starts with a little girls eighth birthday. It shows how close of a family they are, and how good of a life she was living. The next scene she was eating breakfast at the kitchen table with her family, something not even that many people with good lives do. The next few scenes show her playing dress up and laying in a pile of stuffed animals enjoying her life. It shows how much her parents loved and admired her. Always doing whatever she wanted, playing soccer with her dad or riding bikes with her mom. Then as the commercial progresses you start to notice things going wrong. Her parents constantly watching the news and arguing if they should stay where they are or try and get as far away as possible. In one scene the mom is packing up their essentials and trying to get her husband to leave but he refuses and they stay. The house starts shaking and all the lights go off. They put candles everywhere and all stay under one blanket to try and stay warm. You can see how scared the little girl is and you can tell that she isn’t sure what is going on. The family ends up staying under a bridge where the little girls hair is slowly starting to fall out. She starts getting really sick and her mom has to take her to a clinic type of place where the doctors can hardly do anything for her because of their lack of supplies. While she was in the clinic her mom put a single candle for her ninth birthday on a rice cake and sang happy birthday to her. If you remember though, at the beginning she was having a birthday party where she had a huge cake with eight candles. That shows just how much can change in a years time.
The commercial gives off the visual of a little girl who starts off like you and I and ends up being a very