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My client is the department of sport and recreation. In this advertisement, my target audience are someone who are lazy and are not willing to take healthy exercises. My aim of this advertisement is to promote healthy exercise. First, there are two images at the top and the two images are divided by horizontal axis. The top picture is real and the second one is ideal. These two pictures are from the internet. The top photo is about a plump man, who is holding a burger and is going to eat it, while the other photo is about a strong man with lots of muscles. These two pictures made the views compare the two situations to understand which is more important. Two captions at the right side say: “if you take exercise, the result is strong and healthy”, “if you do not take exercise, the result is fat and unhealthy”. Besides, a big “No” and “Yes” placed at the right side to indicate that the fatness and laziness are unacceptable and unhealthy. People should frequently take exercise to become as strong and healthy as the man in the second picture.
Secondly, the most salient part is shown in the middle---“Time to take exercise”. I used alliteration in it and the text colour is yellow in order to attract readers. There’s a sentence upon it—“if you want to be healthy and strong”. In fact, this sentence is related to the two images above. This sentence tells the readers that if you want to be a healthy person, you have to take healthy exercise. Taking exercise is the most helpful and effective way for everyone to keep healthy. Thirdly, there are three sentences which are about the strengths of taking healthy exercise. These three sentences demonstrate that having sport and taking exercise is fabulous to everybody; everyone should not be lazy. These sentences are persuasive.
Additionally, a catchy sentence is shown at the bottom---“Now, why not escape your home and go into the nature”. This sentence is actually a call for action. This sentence is emotive language because it’s a rhetorical question. After reading the content above, this rhetorical question is certainly reinforcing their determination to take exercise. I also added