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The popular brand, Nike, is used by a variety of people around the world for all different uses. My love for Nike is through their spandex, which I wore routinely for volleyball. Being a volleyball player, I was exposed to many different brands such as Mizuno, Jan Sport, Mikasa, and Kaepa.
However, after using multiple brands overtime, I soon discovered my favorite was Nike. Nike’s spandex are very different compared to other types of spandex due to their long lasting material and good fit. The colorful choices and thick fold over band on them are what first caught my eye, but there are many more great qualities that make Nike my favorite. Their soft texture, comfortable fit, perfect length, and stretchy material all contribute to making Nike a better brand.
In addition to this type of spandex being comfortable to wear, they also allow me to be very active while in an intense game of volleyball. This is the key factor to why Nike positively affects me because without good attire to play volleyball in, I might not perform as well. Also, Nike means “winged goodness of victory”; therefore I am bound to have a great game if I wear them.
Seeing professional volleyball athlete’s wear this spandex also influences me to believe that if I wear them too, then I will be able to perform like them. This spandex has been a huge part of my life ever since I tried out for the seventh grade team in middle school all the way up into my senior year of high school. This Nike Spandex