Essay on After School Jobs

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Sophie Campbell
Mrs. Bridgers
Honors English II
20 November 2013
Cause and Effect Paper Many American teenagers hold after school jobs in today’s society, but that number has decreased over the years due to all of the extra curricular activities and academic demands students face. It’s hard enough for a college bound high school student to keep up with the everyday pressure of school, athletics, clubs, church, and community service. If you throw in an after school job, it makes for a very long day, but lots of teenagers are managing to squeeze work into their day.
There are many reasons for a student to work after school. The main reason is financial. The money made can be used for gas, clothes, and spending money, and later for college. Working after school also teaches teenagers responsibility and time management. Lastly, holding an afterschool job raises self-esteem in teenagers.
The results of working after school are positive and negative. Some families are financially burdened and cannot make ends meet if their teenage children don’t work after school. Other parents may not be able to buy extra things for their children, so having their own spending money helps teenagers buy some of the things they want. The responsibility and time management a teenager gains from working after school makes he or she better prepared for college life and adulthood. Self esteem is raised when students work after school because their job gives them a sense of achievement and